UKIP donor Arron Banks accuses party of waging 'war on Muslims'

Banks has accused UKIP of waging war on Muslims

Arron Banks has torn into UKIP

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Long-time UKIP donor Arron Banks has accused the party of waging "war on Muslims" as the party's election manifesto continues to cause huge criticism.

UKIP has pledged to ban the burqa and abolish Sharia law courts in its policy platform ahead of June's snap vote.

Senior UKIP figures have defended the policies to talkRADIO over the last couple of days, with leader Paul Nuttall saying the party has fallen behind the rest of Europe and Neil Hamilton suggesting the West has outgrown the view of women espoused in "primitive Muslim countries."

Banks, whose funding played a major part in UKIP's rise, has been savaged on social media for refusing to contest the seat of Clacton after promising to do so. He has now pledged to support UKIP's councillor, Jeff Brey, rather than standing himself.

Responding to the criticism, he said: "Not sure campaigning with the national party going in entirely the wrong direction is smart. I don't approve of the war on Muslim religion."

When the election was called, Banks vowed to stand in Clacton against Douglas Carswell, who quit UKIP to become an independent earlier this year. However Carswell has since announced that he will not seek re-election in June.

Banks has been critical of Carswell, calling him a "nasty little career politician", and has described UKIP leader Paul Nuttall as "weak."