Ukip founder Alan Sked savages 'amateur' Nigel Farage for taking Ukip 'to the far right'

'Farage's legacy is one of amateurism combined with a lack of democracy internally in the party', says Ukip founder

Nigel Farage is being replaced by Diane James (Getty)

Friday, September 16, 2016

Ukip founder Alan Sked has revealed he believes Nigel Farage has left a legacy of amateurship and suggested the party should be disbanded.

Today Diane James was elected the new leader of Ukip, with Farage stepping down at the end of his second stint as leader, which lasted six years.

Sked - formed the Anti-Federalist League in 1991, which became the UK Independence party in 1993 - revealed his views on the current state of the party to Yasmeen Khan.

"My intention when I founded the party was to create a liberal central party which would regain British paliamentary sovereignty from the European Union.

"I'm very happy I created it and I'm very happy that weve achieved Brexit. In between Ukip went off the tangent, off to the very far right, and that was something that was severely disappointing.

"I think Ukip should just dissolve itself and party members can back one of the major political parties.

"The party [is] in a situation where I think it will probably dissolve into civil war quite soon. It's fractionalised to an extreme degree, nobody seems to trust each other. Farage's legacy is one of amateurism combined with a lack of democracy internally in the party."

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