Ukip Henry Bolton scandal: Meet Jo Marney, the boarding schoolgirl turned racist glamour model

Jo Marney has been the subject of major controversy

Jo Marney has been the subject of major controversy

Monday, January 15, 2018

Jo Marney is now well-known as Henry Bolton's former girlfriend, but there's a lot more to her than her suspended Ukip membership.

Ukip leader Henry Bolton announced that he split from Marney after facing calls to resign due to her comments on Meghan Markle.

The woman claimed black people are "ugly" and suggested Markle, who is due to marry Prince Harry this year, would "taint" the Royal Family. She has now apologised for her remarks and the relationship of the pair is now being investigated by Ukip.

It is not clear when the 54-year-old started a relationship with Marney, however Bolton reportedly said he separated from his wife Tatiana in July last year. The Russian woman is said to have disputed this and claims he actually ended the relationship via text in December.

Marney is a 25-year-old model from Kent. She studied at Rochester Independent College, a private school, before attending Canterbury Christ Church University where she qualified with a BA in journalism.

After her time in education she worked for both Alterboy Music and NME and also modelled for Lulu Guinness, a British designer, and took on acting work for ITV. The majority of her work appears to have been in glamour modelling, but she has also appeared on the catwalk. She even featured in the video for the song Burns Like Fire by X Factor winner Sam Callahan.

This is not the first time Marney has come under fire for controversial comments. When the Government announced it would offer permanent residency to those affected by the Grenfell Tower fire she slammed the move as “disgusting” on social media.

Marney also claimed the people living in the tower were part of “a nest of illegal immigrants of all varieties" and suggested this was the reason that some victims remained unidentified at the time.

The woman hit out at those who accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment on Facebook by calling them “spoilt little rich girls," and suggested Rose McGowan should be "tackling radical Islam and countries like Saudi" if "she really cared about REAL abuse of women."

The post ended by saying: "But let’s face it, it’s far easier to whinge about privileged little white Hollywood chicks who shagged some fat old man for a part in a movie. Woe is them."

This wasn't the only comment she made about the scandal, as she also hit out at Time magazine for giving its 'Person of the Year' award to sexual harassment whistleblowers. She said: “Out of all the brilliant, influential amazing people in this world, Time chooses a bunch of whinging little divas who got hit on by a fat bloke once.”

The Brexiteer also used social media to comment on the Westminster terror attack blaming it on the UK welcoming "SCUM into this country for years and years and years."

Despite making the comment in 2016, it has recently emerged that Marney called nurses "posh cleaners" on Facebook. 

Responding to a fellow social media user, she said: “As for your crap about nurses…nurses are just posh cleaners. They’re not highly skilled consultants or specialist surgeons…We are not short of them.

“And as I say, even if we were (we aren’t), we can simply increase the amount of foreign nurses we allow in. You mentioned lots of them are from the Philippines…since when are the Philippines in the EU!!?!?!?"

Her account was originally public, but perhaps unsurprisingly she has now changed her settings to private. If she's hoping to shut herself away from the controversy, however, she's likely to be disappointed.