'UKIP isn't dying - we're still doing better than Labour' says Neil Hamilton

'The Tories will fail on immigration and UKIP will become more popular', says UKIP's Neil Hamilton

Neil Hamilton believes UKIP still has plenty of reasons to cheer

Monday, March 27, 2017

UKIP will bounce back from its current crisis and is in fact doing better than Labour, says the party's Welsh figurehead Neil Hamilton.

The former Tory MP who now leads UKIP in the Welsh Assembly played down the party's current problems, even though the resignation of Douglas Carswell leaves them without a single MP at Westminster.

Hamilton told James Max he "regrets" Carswell's resignation and is "mystified" as there's no irreperable policy dispute between Carswell and party leader Paul Nuttall.

However he says the party will recover - suggesting that UKIP's current polling figures are actually better than those of Jeremy Corbyn and Labour. He said the party's strategy is to "wait for a suitable by-election and hope for the best" to gain seats.

Hamilton also alluded to recent suggestions in some quarters that Brexit will not lead to a significant tightening of Britain's immigration controls. He told James that "when Theresa May fails to deliver on immigration, UKIP may recover its position and indeed enhance it."

When James suggested that there's now little point to UKIP, as Britain is quitting the European Union, Hamilton insisted there's much more to the party "than just Brexit," highlighting UKIP's policy on wind farms and foreign aid as examples.

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