UKIP leadership: 'Lisa Duffy is straightforward, honest and decent. She'll make a change from Nigel Farage' - Suzanne Evans nails her colours to the mast

UKIP's Suzanne Evans does the Paul Ross Paper Review

The former spokesperson for UKIP revealed her views on the party leadership election

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

UKIP's former deputy chair Suzanne Evans has firmly backed Lisa Duffy to be the next leader of the party. 

After Nigel Farage's resignation following the success of the Leave campaign in the EU referendum, the battle for the leadership of UKIP has narrowed down to four candidates - Steven Woolfe, Jonathan Arnott, Bill Etheridge and Duffy. 

Evans, a former spokeswoman for the party who yesterday counted herself out of that leadership fight, insists UKIP needs to adapt to stay relevant. 

"[Duffy] is a very different look for UKIP," Evans told Paul Ross.

"She's straightforward, down to earth, honest and decent. She will make a change from Nigel Farage.

"UKIP has for too long been seen as a one-man band and has to go beyond being a protest party.

"We have to professionalise and work at the grassroots, pavement politics that will win us seats and get us into national government."

Listen to the full interview to hear more from Suzanne Evans, including why immigration is "not always beneficial" and her take on Germany's "irresponsible" migration policy