UKIP NEC member Liz Jones clashes with Paul Ross over 'elitist Brexit judges' claim

LISTEN: Paul Ross argues with UKIP's Elizabeth Jones after she claims High Court judges' academic upbringing coloured their ruling

Elizabeth Jones (Credit:

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

UKIP's Liz Jones has told talkRADIO the High Court judges who presided over the legal case on the triggering of Article 50 have a "narrow academic genepool" which influenced their ruling. 

Last week, the High Court ruled that Theresa May couldn't trigger Article 50 without Parliamentary approval, prompting a torrent of anger among Brexiteers. 

Nigel Farage has said he plans to stage a march of an estimated 100,000 people to protest outside the Supreme Court on the day the Government's appeal of the ruling is heard.  

In defending the protest, Jones cited the upbringing and salaries of the three judges to suggest a lack of diversity among them, and claimed this created differing views from the public because of their "narrow academic genepool". 

In her view, this allegedly coloured their ruling because they will have been "interpreting the law through their own filters."  

Paul Ross immediately challenged her over this, asking if, in her view, "a gay judge in Liverpool would be all right then."

Listen to the interview above.