Ukip Steven Woolfe brawl shows Brexit has torn the party apart, says former Nigel Farage aide

Ukip crisis: 'These people have lost the thing that binds them together', says former head of media

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Friday, October 7, 2016

In securing Brexit, Ukip's members have lost the thing which has bound them together and this is the reason why the party has dissolved into chaos. 

This is according to Alex Phillips, the party's former head of media and aide to Nigel Farage. 

Phillips, who earlier this week wrote an explosive inside account of Ukip's decline for talkRADIO, couldn't contain her shock at yesterday's altercation between Woolfe and a party colleague at the European Parliament, an event which has rocked the party to its core. 

"Absolutely I was surprised," she told Julia Hartley-Brewer of the clash in Strasbourg. "You don't expect political battles to resort to violence.

"If Steven hadn't been found collapsed on that bridge and had a seizure, perhaps this wouldn't be known publicly.

"The difficulty with Ukip is these are ordinary men and women doing a diverse range of jobs now having lost the thing that binds them together. They're arguing over the purpose of the party and are looking down the barrel at unemployment. 

"They've voted themselves out of jobs, they're watching the ship sink, and then there's the idea that Steven might have been talking to another party, potentially securing his political longevity.

"I'm shocked at what happened, but I can see why tempers flared to that level."