UKIP's Gerard Batten: 'If there was a second Brexit referendum, we'd win by even bigger margin'

'Debating Article 50 is unnecessary because negotiations could fail', says UKIP's Gerard Batten

Gerard Batten believes debating Article 50 is unnecessary

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

UKIP's Brexit strategist has suggested that Theresa May isn't fully committed to Brexit - and said that a second referendum would result in an even more comprehensive victory for the Leavers.

Gerard Batten told Sam Delaney that the bill to trigger Article 50 is unnecessary as MPs were already guaranteed a vote at the end of the negotiations with the EU.

Batten, currently writing the UKIP Brexit plan, said that if Theresa May were truly dedicated to taking Britain out of the European Union, she'd just put forward a bill to repeal the 1972 European Communities Act (which took Britain into what was then known as the Common Market).

Batten said: “The whole Article 50 [debate] is unnecessary because what the Government intends to do is negotiate for two years with people who don’t want to negotiate with us in order to arrive at a deal that can be voted down."

Many people have called for a second referendum, now that the consequences of Britain's departure from the EU are clearer and the Leave campaign's financial statements have been disproved or retracted.

However Batten said: “I personally think that if there was another [referendum] we’d win it by an even bigger majority because all of the fear factors have [been proved wrong]."

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