UKIP's Neil Hamilton backs burqa ban: 'We've outgrown primitive Muslim countries in our view of women'

'The West has outgrown this primitive view of women' - UKIP's Neil Hamilton defends burka ban in interview with James Whale

Neil Hamilton defended party policy in an interview with James Whale

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

UKIP's Neil Hamilton has defended the party's plan to ban the burqa, saying it serves as a "barrier" to integration.

On Monday, the party announced several of its policies for the upcoming election. 

The one which grabbed headlines was a ban on the burqa face veil, which UKIP leader Paul Nuttall defended in an interview with Paul Ross yesterday.

Hamilton, the leader of the party in the Welsh Assembly, defended the plan because he claimed "meaningful integration" could only happen if a face could be seen and it served as an "instrument of the suppression and submission of women."

He said while Saudi Arabia and more "primitive Muslim countries" held this attitude, the West had outgrown it. 

Listen above.