UKIP's Patrick O'Flynn at SunTalks debate: 'It's rare we're the voice of calm'

UKIP's Patrick O'Flynn says he was the calm voice at The Sun Talks debate, as Boris Johnson is asked to stop talking

UKIP's Patrick O'Flynn appeared at the debate (Stock image)

Friday, June 2, 2017

UKIP's Patrick O'Flynn joked that it was rare his party is the voice of calm as things got pretty tetchy during last night's debate.

Last night (June 1) Julia Hartley-Brewer held a debate with the Conservatives' Boris Johnson, Labour's Emily Thornberry, the Liberal Democrats' Vince Cable and UKIP's Patrick O'Flynn.

As Julia tried to settle the panelists down so they could all have a fair say, she had to ask Johnson to stop talking. 

Following this, O'Flynn said: "It's coming to something when the UKIP speaker is the calmer voice on the panel."

This was met with amusement from the audience.

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