UKIP's Patrick O'Flynn: Tories tried to 'mug off' Corbyn

Election 2017: UKIP's Patrick O'Flynn compares election decision to social media video

The MEP said people will think Theresa May's advisors thought they could mug off Jeremy Corbyn, only to be proved wrong

Friday, June 9, 2017

Patrick O'Flynn has said the placing of trust in Theresa May to "hold the Brexit flame" was not a "do-able" decision, comparing the gamble to hold an election to a viral social media video. 

The UKIP MEP spoke to Paul Ross live on College Green this morning as the election result is declared to be a hung Parliament. 

O'Flynn claimed his party was caught between two stools in this election, which made it impossible for them to fight. 

In an interview, he claimed Theresa May was "toast", with her authority "shot to pieces", with her bid to gain a majority in the House of Commons not having paid off.

The MEP said: "People will think May’s group of advisors thought they could mug Jeremy Corbyn.

"It’s like one of those social media videos where three yobs try to rob an old man who then turns out to be a blackbelt and uses kung fu to make his way through them.

"May’s toast this morning, her authority is shot to pieces, and we need a Brexit Prime Minister."