Ukrainian oligarch begs for forgiveness after his daughter jumped red light and killed five people

Ukrainian oligarch begs for forgiveness following his daughter killing five after jumping red light

Alyona Zaitseva is being detained until her trial (Credit: Twitter @WebduniaTelugu)

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

A Ukrainian oligarch has begged the loved ones of five people killed in Kharkiv for forgiveness after his daughter jumped a red light. 

Vasily Zaitseva's daughter Alyona was driving in the city of Kharkiv when she jumped a red light. 

A collision with a Volkswagen ensued, which sent the 20-year-old's Lexus spinning out of control into a crowd, causing the deaths and injuring six other people. 

Zaitseva was refused bail at her last court appearance, which prompted her father and mother Tatiana to release an emotional appeal. 

The oligarch and his wife begged the families of the five people who died to forgive their daughter, offering £1.1 million to help them out. 

The 61-year-old said his family would accept any fair decision in regard to Alyona, but had to consider the role the driver of the Volkswagen played in the incident.