UN urges Israel to end mistreatment of Palestinian prisoners

United Nations spokesman calls for mistreatment of Palestinian prisoners to end

Michael Lynk called for Israel to adhere to international standards

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A spokesperson for the United Nations has called for Israel's alleged mistreatment of Palestinian prisoners to end.

Michael Lynk, a special Rapporteur for Human Rights in occupied Palestinian Territory, called for Israel to abide by international law and detention standards in a written statement to the UN office in Geneva. 

This comes as a hunger strike by roughly 1,000 Palestinians begins its second month.

Lynk urged the country to provide better health care and not restrain family access - which he claimed was a major issue because permits to visit Israel were hard to acquire.

The rapporteur also called for the ending of the alleged solitary confinement of those undergoing the hunger strike. 

There are thought to be roughly 7,000 Palestinians imprisoned in Israeli prisons, according to a report by the Palestinian Prisoners Society.

Israel stresses that its prison conditions complies with international lawyer, but hundreds of Palestinians, led by convicted murderer Marwan Barghouti, have nonetheless gone on hunger strike for better conditions.

The strike has now been in progress for over a month, even though recent footage appeared to show Barghouti breaking his own strike by snacking.

People around the world have been joining in the protest, including a group of Manchester University students led by Huda Ammori, who spoke to talkRADIO last week.