United Airlines boss Oscar Munoz: We'll offer passengers up to $10,000 to avoid David Dao repeat

United Airlines boss Oscar Munoz personally apologises for violent removal of passenger

Oscar Munoz appeared before Congress

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

The boss of United Airlines Oscar Munoz has admitted the violent ejection of passenger David Dao has demonstrated systemic flaws within the company - and said passengers could be paid $10,000 to give up their seats and avoid overbooking.

Footage of the bloodied and bruised Dao being dragged off an overbooked flight made headlines the world over, and Munoz has been testifying before a Congressional inquiry today.

The United Airlines CEO has now said he is “personally sorry” for the incident, according to CNN Money.

The airline boss also said: "We had a horrible failure three weeks ago. It is not who we are. We will do better.

"Our employees did not have the authority to do what was right or use common sense. This has to be a turning point for 87,000 professionals here at United."

He also added that the company "will never again ask a customer to give up their seat once they're on board" and claims United is now reevaluating overbooking policies.

He suggested that, in future, incentives for customers to give up their seats could reach up to $10,000 (£8,000).