United Airlines faces fresh headache as man loses reservation for filming clash with staffer

New PR headache for United Airlines as man's reservation is cancelled for filming employee during confrontation

United Airlines face its latest PR challenge after a man had a flight cancelled over a bag dispute

Thursday, May 11, 2017

United Airlines have another situation on their hands after the company cancelled a man's flight reservation for filming an employee during a ticket dispute. 

Navang Oza was returning home to San Francisco from New Orleans on Monday when he complained about a $300 (£232) bag charge.

Oza claims the levy was significantly steeper than the $125 charge he'd been forced to pay on the first leg of his journey. But when the customer questioned it, he says the airline didn't provide him with an explanation. 

He began to record the conversation, which infuriated the employee behind the desk, who instructed her colleague to cancel the reservation. 

The United agent called police, who allowed Oza to keep the recording because he was filming on public space. 

He posted the video on Twitter, where it has proceed to rack up thousands of retweets. 

Watch the video here.

United Airlines has said it is investigating the incident and speaking to the involved parties in a statement to NBC. 

Nonetheless it provides further unwelcome publicity for the airline, hot on the heels of the furore surrounding its treatment of passenger of David Dao.

Dao sustained minor injuries after being violently dragged off an overbooked flight to make room for staff. The video made global headlines.