United Airlines flies pet dog to Japan by mistake - after puppy died on earlier flight

United Airlines flies pet dog to Japan by mistake

The dog was on its first ever flight (Credit: Facebook - Joseph Swindle)

Thursday, March 15, 2018

United Airlines has flown a dog to Japan by mistake, as it was actually supposed to go to from Oregon to Kansas.

The 10-year-old German shepherd was being transported as the family it belongs to was moving from Oregon to Wichita, Kansas.

Owner Kara Swindle arrived at the United Airlines cargo facility on Tuesday (March 13) to collect the dog named Irgo, however it was not there.

Instead a Great Dane which was meant to be taken to Japan was awaiting her arrival, according to CNN. Both dogs had been through connecting flights from Denver.

The location of Swindle's dog not discovered until the early hours of the next day (March 14), when the flight her dog was on landed in Japan.

The woman also claims the dog didn't have any water or food despite being on the flight for 16 hours and in the time it has been missing it’s not had any medication for an ear infection.

The dog is due to be flown back to Kansas tonight (March 15) on a private chartered flight and its owners will then take Irgo to see a vet.

United Airlines has said: "We apologise for this mistake and are following up with the vendor kennel where they were kept overnight to understand what happened."

Earlier this week the airline was also criticised as a puppy died during a flight from Houston to New York, after a flight attendant told the owner to pace its carrier in an overhead locker.

United Airlines has said it is investigating the matter to ensure it never happens again.