United Airlines passenger should never have been on that plane in the first place, says travel association ABTA

United Airlines: 'The man who was removed should never have been on the plane in the first place', says travel association ABTA

A man was removed from a United Airlines flight (Stock image)

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

United Airlines should have asked excess passengers to leave during check-in, not when they were already on the plane, according to travel association ABTA.

A man was forcibly removed from a United Airlines flight as it had been overbooked, leaving him bloodied and dishevilled. A video of the incident has since gone viral online causing outrage amongst the public.

Spokesperson for travel association ABTA Sean Tipton told Julia Hartley-Brewer that the man "should never have been on the plane in the first place" because passengers "should have been told at check-in" there wasn't enough room on the plane "rather than being hauled off."

Tipton said it is terrible practice to try to eject a passenger already on the plane, as once you're on board the seat is psychologically yours and you don't want "to have to get up and leave."

Julia also made the point that upon hearing the passenger was a doctor with patients, they should have decided to "pick someone else."

Listen to the full interview above

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