United Airlines suffers vicious backlash after passenger violently removed from aircraft

United Airlines enduring major backlash after a passenger is violently removed from aircraft

The airline finds itself at the heart of a major firestorm

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Almost three weeks after preventing two girls from boarding a flight because of their clothing, United Airlines find themselves on the horns of an even worse scandal. 

Over the weekend, staff on board a flight from Chicago to Louisville asked four passengers to vacate their seats for staff because they had overbooked the flight. 

When no one volunteered, four people were selected at random, and while three went begrudgingly, one man refused to move. He stated his reasons - he was a doctor and needed to get back for his patients.

But security were called and violently removed him from the aircraft, leaving him with injuries, in an incident which quickly went viral on social media

While the CEO of the company, Oscar Munoz, released a statement to apologise, this has done nothing to placate the Twittersphere. 

See their reaction below: