United Airlines victim David Dao will have received over £1 million, says PR agent

'The United Airlines passenger will have received more than £1 million in compensation', says PR agent

United Airlines has given David Dao a financial settlement

Friday, April 28, 2017

The passenger who was unceremoniously removed from a United Airlines flight will have received more than £1 million in compensation, according to a PR expert.

David Dao was violently removed from the flight after he refused to give up his seat due to the plane being overbooked. Dao's story went round the world despite his refusal to give media interviews, and he has now received an undisclosed financial settlement.

Mark Borkowski, who runs his own PR agency, suggested that United's lawyers ma have asked Dao to stay quiet in the aftermath of the incident, and this may affected the final compensation figure.

He added that Dao's ordeal has proved a PR disaster for the airline, not only in terms of money, but also in their media coverage as they are now under the microscope and small incidents are being reported on.

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