Unite's Len McCluskey fires back at Tom Watson MP, denies Labour coup claims

Unite's Len McCluskey fires back at Tom Watson MP, denies takeover allegations

The boss of Unite, who is running for re-election, hit back at the allegations made on Monday

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The boss of the Unite union, Len McCluskey, has denied allegations the union planned to join with and fund Momentum - a key group which supports Jeremy Corbyn - in order to take over the Labour Party. 

The row erupted on Monday after recordings of Momentum head Jon Lansman were leaked to the media, revealing a supposed plan to formally join forces with Unite if McCluskey - who is running to maintain his leadership of the union - is re-elected.

This would reportedly create a power base to ensure the two groups maintain control of Labour when Mr Corbyn steps down.

The recordings prompted a furious reaction from deputy leader Tom Watson, who argued with Lansman publicly on Twitter.

Now, McCluskey has stepped in, saying the claims of a takeover were a "complete fabrication" and insisting there had been no "secret meetings" or any plans to provide funding to anyone. 

He fired back at Watson, saying he and "other right-wing Labour MPs would be best keeping their noses" out of Unite business as Unite members would reject any attempts for other people to take over the union.