Universal credit: Jeremy Corbyn supporters hammer Liz Truss over 'go to the job centre' comment

Liz Truss has added to the Tories' problems on universal credit

Liz Truss has added to the Tories' problems on universal credit

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Tory minister Liz Truss is facing the wrath of Jeremy Corbyn's supporters after suggesting that famlies on welfare should 'go to the job centre' if they can't afford the Government's universal credit advice helpline.

Truss, the chief secretary to the treasury, made the comment on the BBC's Daily Politics show yesterday, following Corbyn's attack on Theresa May over the proposed changes to the benefit system.

The Tories want to roll a raft of existing benefits into one universal credit payment. But the Government's advice helpine, which explains the new structure, costs 55p a minute - leaving critics to suggest many families will be unable to afford it.

Pressed on the issue by Daily Politics host Andrew Neil, Truss said: “Well, I’d encourage people to visit the job centre, go in and get the advice.”

Neil continued to press his guest on the cost of the call, but Truss said “I don’t know the details of the call line and, as you’ve said, it is more affordable if you ring up the landline...”

When the host pointed out that many people don't have landlines anymore, Truss said “The fundamental model is that people go into their Job Centre, get that advice and support, and they can receive those additional payments, if that is what is needed. That is what people want."

The comments have brought yet more criticism for the Prime Minister, after calling had asked what planet she was on during a fiery Prime Minister's questions earlier in the day.

Unsurprisingly, Corbyn's supporters have piled into Truss - and May - on Twitter, suggesting the job centre comments are just the latest example of a party out of touch and chronically deficient in empathy.

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