University Challenge sexism: Julia says she couldn't care less what gender the teams are

University Challenge sexism: Julia Hartley-Brewer says she couldn't care less about what gender the teams are

University Challenge has been accused of sexism (Stock image)

Monday, April 10, 2017

Julia Hartley-Brewer has claimed that getting upset about sexism on University Challenge is like getting upset about someone who can't walk not running at the Olympics. 

The two teams in the final of University Challenge include only men, and critics have complained this is nothing less than blatant sexism.

Claire Cohen, deputy women's editor of The Telegraph, told Julia that "we need to look to ourselves" as when a woman appears on University Challenge, they are often praised for their looks instead of thier intellect.

She believes the problem stems from the "selection process" as there aren't enough women coming forward to compete. She also believes the issue has "slipped under the radar [as] it’s not something you’d automatically point a finger at and call sexist."

But Julia argued that she "couldn’t care less" who is on each team. If it was her university, she said, she'd want "the people who are best at answering questions" on the team.

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