'Unreasonable' patients the cause of NHS problems, says GP

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Thursday, February 28, 2019

A GP has said it is the "abuse" and "overuse" of the NHS that has led to struggles with the system.

Dr Laurence Gerlis, a GP at Same Day Doctor, said he did not "blame the politicians" but the "general public" for the pressure put on the service, particularly patients making "unreasonable" demands.

"I'm a fan of the NHS, I think it's a very good system and I don't blame the politicians, it's down to the general public," he said.

"If you set up any system like that for all the good of it, you are going to get places where it's used, abused and overused."



Dr Gerlis appeared on the Mike Graham show to discuss a new study revealing that almost half of GPs plan to quit working for the NHS within five years.

The number of family doctors intending to retire or leave has risen by around a third since 2014.

"We have got to stop overuse, we've got to stop misuse, we've got to filter out, have triage and say to people 'No, you're going back to the pharmacy You do not come to A&E with that problem'," he said.

"But it is very hard to confront patients."