US bunker sales soar as North Korea tensions increase

US bunker sales rise as North Korea tensions increase

Fears are said to be growing over North Korea's missile capabilities

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Sales at an American company which constructs bunkers have shot up over the past two weeks as tensions with North Korea have increased.

Rising S Bunkers announced that its sales have risen by roughly 90%, according to Sputnik News.

CEO Gary Lynch told Fox News that many people are worried about the mounting diplomatic spat with North Korea and this has caused more people to order the underground hideaways.

North Korea has threatened to attack the US territory of Guam, and said its plans to launch four missiles at the country will be ready in a matter of days.

Meanwhile US President Donald Trump has warned North Korea that America will respond with "fire and fury" if it makes more threats.

The tit-for-tat threats follow months of steadily escalating tension, with North Korea carrying out a series of missile tests. In Washington, Trump has taken a hawkish stance against the rogue state since taking power, although his secretary of state Rex Tillerson has said the US is not seeking regime change in Pyongyang.