US city wants to vanish off the map (well, the Pokémon Go map)

Des Moines city council try to ban Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is played by many across the world

Monday, September 5, 2016

Pokémon Go has sparked a frenzy of news, rumour and controversy over recent weeks... but now a US city has said enough is enough.

The city has tried to opt out of the game, despite it being run from map data, meaning such a course of action would be impossible. 

It all started after a meeting in which the council discussed the amount of young players walking around looking down at their phones, making noise and littering.

The council voted unanimously to try and remove all public places from the game, but it is highly unlikely they will succeed - as public areas are policed on the game, meaning you can't just delete a city from the map.

If Des Moines' city elders really want to secede from the world's most popular mobile game, one option might be to remove the Pokéstops - only shops where players restock on items they need for the game.

The Des Moines' declaration comes shortly after a mayor in France, Fabrice Beauvois, said he wanted to ban the game last month in his town Bressolles, North East of Lyon. Pokémon hunters have also stumbled onto couples having sex, and even caught burglars in New Zealand.