US election 2016: Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? talkRADIO's presenters give their view

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

With just hours to go until the outcome of the US Presidential election is decided, people around the world have been having their say. Some have backed Donald Trump, some have come out for Hillary Clinton, and a lot of people have said they don’t want either of them.

We asked our talkRADIO presenters what they thought ahead of tonight’s run-off. Who do they want to win, and why? Their responses were typically forthright and succinct – you won’t find more incisive political commentary anywhere this evening!

Sam Delaney (presenting live from Washington)

I want Hilary to win, of course. Why? Because I am not a masochist, that’s why.

Donald Trump has been called prejudiced, dangerous, volatile and all sorts of other things. But his defining characteristic is stupidity.

Unfortunately, as we saw with the election victories of George W Bush, parts of the American public see stupidity as quite attractive in a presidential candidate. They see the likes of Trump and Bush as one of their own: the kind of guy who is unafraid to ‘tell it like it is’ and won’t pander to ‘PC madness.’

Trump can’t even articulate himself properly; he is too dumb to use the English language; he contradicts himself incessantly; he is a racist, sexist bigot but doesn’t even realise it. He’s funny, sure, but so is Joe Pasquale and you wouldn’t want to hand him the nuclear codes either, would you?

Hillary, on the other hand, is a supremely well-qualified, experienced candidate who has spent her whole career fighting for decent values like justice, equality and social progressiveness. What’s not to like? I couldn’t care less what server she sent some emails from. 

Backing: Clinton

Julia Hartley-Brewer

If I was an American I would be a Democrat, not a Republican. Hillary Clinton is not the Democrat I would have chosen, nor is she the woman I would have chosen to be the first female president of the United States. But when you put her against Donald Trump, I’m afraid it’s a no-brainer.

Hillary Clinton has many faults. She’s neither likeable nor trustworthy. But any faults she has are magnified a thousand times over in Donald Trump. 

He is a proven sexist, racist pig. What bothers me most is not that the American people will vote for a man who admits - in his own words - to sexually assaulting women, but his racist past as a property owner who would not let apartments to black families. (Note: This is not a pending case, it was proven in court already) 

These racism allegations should have precluded him from standing for election as the local dog catcher, never mind as the leader of the free world.

If Trump were to be elected it would turn America into a laughing stock. He’s so childlike and thin-skinned, so bereft of ideas on how to tackle his country’s domestic problems, so lacking in the skills needed to handle international affairs, he’d be a danger to America and to world peace.

Backing: Clinton

George Galloway

Trump or Clinton? A plague on both their houses.

I'm supporting Dr Jill Stein the US Green Party candidate. She’s a highly educated, polished politician, committed to peace and justice. Bernie Sanders, the man defeated by Hillary for the Democratic nomination, should have run as an independent with Dr Jill as VP. They could have won.

America is a country built on the genocide of 100 million original inhabitants, then the slavery of millions of black people and the apartheid after the abolition of slavery. When Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves, he turned the cavalry westward to carry out the genocide of the original Americans.

All of those crimes and sins will be capped whoever is elected President – Trump or Clinton.

Backing: Neither

Paul Ross

Trump = Delusional Ego. Clinton? Delusional Ambition. But the former is more dangerous than the latter. So, reluctantly, Clinton.

Trump is a national figure who's a self-made ego-driven celebrity - a source of public amusement but a complete stranger to public service. 

Clinton may have started as an ideal and she has been a force for good. But her real gift is her staying power, her hunger for power. The Jabba the Hut that is the Washington monster has swallowed her, chewed her up, but she refuses to be spat out. 

So it's an Immoveable Object - Hillary the Kling-On Queen - versus the Ridiculous Force that is the bouffant-haired buffoon and clown Donald McRonald. Not so much God Save America as God Help it. And us...

Backing: Clinton

Jonny Gould

I get Trump's message on unacceptable corporations and elites, poverty brought about by corrupt government in the pocket of big companies & the globalised jobs market. I get his message about Clinton being the insider apparatchik.

But I hate his hate-filled diatribe of divisiveness. To heap blame on the other, be they Mexican or Muslim, his disrespect of women and the disabled is un-American.

When he says his victory would be Brexit and then some, he's wrong. If he loses there'll be another chance to vote for a better, cleverer, less pig-ignorant, more inclusive antiestablishment presidential candidate in four years. Brexit, however was a one-off and the British people took the money shot! 

Trump's not to be trusted on reforming arch-capitalism as he's an arch-capitalist himself. So while his messages on reform resonate with me, I can't relate to the flag-waving dimwittery that follows him round. Let's have a Republican with these messages - without the mayo.

Clinton is said to be more hawkish than Obama so don't expect the parade of foreign wars to stop. Even if she does get elected, her era of social democratic politics is over.

Hobson's choice. I'm glad I can't vote. If I had to, I'd hold my nose before declaring pen to ballot sheet.

Backing: Neither

James Whale

I feel sorry for the American people that they have two of the worst candidates in US political history to represent their nation.

Whatever the result, I think it will take the American people years to get back to some feeling of unity. The violence that seems to beset their nation seems to have quite a considerable future. Maybe they’d like it if we took control.

People talk about the lesser of two evils, but the lesser of two evils in this case would probably be to rerun the election. That said, if it’s a straight choice between the two candidates, I’d rather have Hillary Clinton’s figure on the nuclear button than Donald Trump’s.

Backing: Clinton