US election 2016: George W Bush says he didn't vote for either Clinton or Trump

George W Bush, seen here campaigning for the presidency in 2000, has declined to vote for either of the two main candidates

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

George W Bush has revealed that he didn't vote for either fellow Republican Donald Trump or his rival Hillary Clinton in the US presidential election.

A spokesman for the former president, who held office between 2001 and 2009, said he and his wife Laura had left their ballot papers blank, declining to vote for either of the two main candidates.

The spokesman also refuted a claim from conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh that the pair had voted for Clinton, and demanded an apology.

"Rush Limbaugh is wrong and needs to apologise to his listeners," Bush communications director Freddy Ford told reporters.

"President and Mrs. Bush voted two weeks ago (not today) and did not vote for Hillary Clinton," Ford added.

Speculation that Bush would back Clinton has been fuelled by his regular slanging matches with Trump in recent months. Bush has criticised Trump's foreign policy while Trump blamed Bush for 9/11. 

Despite their well-publicised disputes, Bush's refusal to vote for Trump has been an unwelcome piece of news for the billionaire property developer, given Bush is America's most recent Republican president.

Bush's brother Jeb was an early challenger to Trump in the race to be the Republican candidate in this year's election, but dropped out in February.