US election 2016: Watch shocking racist fight at Michigan polling booth

One of the voters allegedly called another 'a n****r' after they shouted 'black lives matter'

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Of all the thousands of heated exchanges taking place in American polling booths tonight, none will be uglier than the racist stand-off which blighted a polling booth in Michigan.

The vitriolic exchange, which saw one voter call another a 'n****r', took place in Ypsilanti, near Ann Arbor.

TMZ, which obtained footage of the video, reports that a white woman became embroiled in a heated verbal exchange with a black woman and then launched a tirade at the black man who came to defend her.

The entertainment website quotes the white woman's husband Daryl McCabe, who said he and his wife, Mary, are not racists. 

Daryl was quoted as saying that Mary "did say the n-word and that isn't a good idea. I don't agree with that."

McCabe also claims the target of his wife's anger was blocking their car from leaving the premises and saying shouting 'black lives matter' although this has not been confirmed.

Watch the video below.