US election: Hillary Clinton 'losing faith' over Donald Trump poll lead, says commentator

US Presidential Election: Hillary Clinton 'losing faith', says commentator after Donald Trump poll lead

Hillary Clinton campaigning in Florida

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Donald Trump's slight increase in the polls has caused a "slight loss of faith" by the Clinton campaign, according to the foreign editor of the Times.

A tracking poll released yesterday by ABC News and The Washington Post shows Trump leading by one percentage point. While the results were within the poll's margin of error, theoretically placing the two candidates in a statistical tie, it reflects a reduction in enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton. 

The swing has been widely attributed to the FBI's announcement that the investigation into Clinton's use of a private email server has been re-opened after the discovery of new emails - a move widely criticised by Democrats in the House of Representatives.

Roland Watson claimed that the Democratic candidate is "reacting to the polls as much as the media is", and that she's losing faith because she's now having to "retrench" and campaign in states she thought she would win. 

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