US General issues warning against rogue killer robots

US General issues warning against rogue killer robots

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

A leading US general has issued a warning to guard against the possibility of 'killer robots' going rogue. 

Paul Selva was taking part in a debate during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing when the subject came up. 

The general was asked a question by Senator Gary Peters about a directive in the Defense Department - due to expire later in 2017 - which ensures a human operator must be present in the decision to end lives with autonomous weapons. 

In response, he insisted the human should stay in position, and standard "ethical rules of war" must be followed - because if not, there was a possibility of unleashing uncontrollable robots on mankind. 

The general made it clear robots and autonomous weapons systems should not have the responsibility to decide when human lives should end.

The senator pointed out America's opponents wouldn't have the same consideration, to which the general responded by saying the US takes its values with it to war.