'US gun control landscape is being reshaped by Florida shooting survivors'

'US political landscape on gun control is being reshaped by shooting survivors and social media'

Survivors of the Florida shooting have campaigned for gun control

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Survivors of the Florida shooting, backed by social media, are pushing the American political establishment into a decisive shift on gun control.

That's according to US politics expert Scott Lucas, who told talkRADIO Congress and the gun lobby are being pushed to curb gun violence for the first time in over two decades.

Lucas was speaking to us after a White House meeting yesterday (February 28), during which Trump reportedly said he wants to stop the mentally ill from owning guns, increase background checks on would-be gun owners and restrict young people from owning certain fiorearms.

Lucas told Jamie East and Vicki Butler-Henderson: "For the first time I think in more than 20 years there’s a bit of pressure on Congress and the National Rifle Association to actually do something, rather than trying to kick the issue down the road.

"The combination of social media and those survivors of the Florida shooting...who came out of the trauma and said 'look, something has to be done', and they’ve done this respectfully, but forcefully - it may reshape the political landscape."

However, Lucas added, "until we really get a clear idea whether there’s a coherent policy coming out of the administration, as opposed to these thought bubbles, I would be very careful."

Trump "was talking off the top of his head again" and "the whole episode was just this ramble."

Lucas also addressed the resignation of Trump's communications director Hope Hicks, who quit just a day after she had spent nine hours testifying before the House intelligence committee's Russia investigation.

Lucas added: "Bottom line, I think that the special investigation on Russia led by Robert Mueller gets to Trump within the next six months and I still would put my money down that he’s gone by the end of this year."

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