'US leaks undermine us, but we shouldn't get worked up about them', says former intelligence committee chair

'US leaks are undermining, but we shouldn't get worked up about it', says former intelligence committee chair

Theresa May will discuss the leaks with Donald Trump (Stock image)

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Whilst the US leaks on the Manchester terror attack undermining Britain, we don't need to get worked up about them as they've happened before.

That's according to Dominic Grieve, former chair of the intelligence and security committee, who spoke to talkRADIO about the leaks which have provoked the ire of Theresa May.

Grieve, a Conservative candidate in the current election campaign, told Julia Hartley-Brewer he finds it extraordinary that the US media leaked information and it is irritating, but hopefully it will stop.

Grieve also thinks we shouldn't jump to conclusions about Salman Abedi, as whilst there could have been something missed by security services, we don't know for sure and it will be up to the intelligence committee to look into it.

He believes our security services are fairly good at dealing with terrorist incidents and it's surprising there hasn't been more.

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