US man 'walked in circles and howled at moon after stabbing nurse'

'Man walked in circles and howled at moon after stabbing nurse'

The man allegedly howled at the moon (Stock image)

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

A witness has claimed that after a man stabbed a nurse he went outside and howled at the moon.

Brigid McNamara made the allegation during a preliminary hearing about an alleged stabbing by Joshua Santos, according to AP.

The 19-year-old allegedly went to a hospital in Pennsylvania to stab a nurse who had treated him a few weeks earlier. Reports suggest the man had been upset about the nurse inserting a catheter during his treatment.

It is claimed Santos used a 5-inch knife in the attack which took place at Lehigh Valley Health Network in June.

McNamara said that when he went outside after the stabbing he walked in circles and started howling at the moon.

Gavin Holihan, the defence attorney, claims Santos is mentally ill however he has not appealed against a judge's decision to make the man go on trial for attempted homicide as well as other charges.

The nurse, Leo Bermudez, has now recovered from the attack.