US Navy leader sacked for being drunk and naked in Japanese woods

US Navy leader sacked for being drunk and naked in Japanese woods

Jason Gabbard has been part of the Navy since 1998

Friday, February 16, 2018

A US Navy leader has been sacked after being discovered in Japanese woods drunk and naked, apart from his boots.

Lieutenant Commander Jason Gabbard was reportedly spotted in the woods after having met other officers and chiefs at an event in Camp Shields, Okinawa.

A spokesperson for the Navy Expeditionary Combat Command told The Navy Times the foundation of military professional work is "trust" and "we expect our service members to conduct themselves with the integrity and character to justify that trust."

Cate Cook also said if there are any "indications that those values are not being followed" investigations are always completed and then action is taken.

Two other officials, command master chief Jason Holden and commanding officer James Cho, have also been sacked due to the incident.

The three made up the entirety of the leadership for Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 4, according to Newsweek.

Despite being removed from their positions, the trio are now working in Naval Construction Group One, which is based in California.

A temporary officer has reportedly been appointed to lead the Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 4.

Gabbard has been a part of the Navy since 1998 and was only given the commanding role in June last year.