US passenger plane forced to perform u-turn after human heart found on board

Friday, December 14, 2018

A US passenger plane was forced to perform a u-turn after a human heart was left on board the aircraft.

The Southwest Airlines plane was travelling from Seattle to Dallas when the cargo was discovered on board, and the plane was forced to turn back.

The heart had been transported from California to Seattle so it could be processed at a hospital to have a valve removed for future use.

However, the heart was never unloaded from the plane at Seattle and was found half-way through the trip to Dallas.

The incident had originally occurred on Sunday, but media reports on Thursday brought the story to light.

It has been reported that passengers were left in shock when the pilot made the announcement about the cargo and why the flight had to turn back.


'Gross negeligence'

In a report by the Seattle Times, a doctor who was among the passengers said the incident was a “horrific story of gross negligence”.

The heart was taken to a donor health centre for tissue storage just in the right amount of time before the organ would’ve failed completely.