US Presidential debate: 'Donald Trump needed to show he could be president, he failed' says Jerry Springer

US Presidential debate: 'Trump needed to show he could be president and he failed', says Jerry Springer

Donald Trump in last night's debate

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

'Donald Trump failed to show he could be president' in last night's debate, according to Jerry Springer. 

The debate saw Hillary Clinton dominate the flow of the debate, while the Republican Candidate struggled to maintain his composure.

Springer, who presents a Saturday night show here on talkRADIO, explained why Trump took a major hit after his performance in the debate. 

"I think Hillary came out substantially on top," he told Paul Ross. "People already know Hillary Clinton, they know she's smart, knowledgeable. Her job was to excite her base enough to go out and vote.

"This debate was about Donald Trump. The burden was on him, because while a lot of people don't like Hillary, a lot of the undecided voters may not be sure to go for Trump because they weren't sure he could be president. 

"So he needed to show he could really be a president. And that's where he failed - he went back to  interrupting, insulting, say demeaning things about women, this kind of stuff. 

"He needed to be able to carry the burden, and he didn't do it. He was unprepared. He hurt himself, but he can still bounce back, despite taking a hit."