US Presidential election called 'a dirty fight among madmen' by North Korea

American election system heavily corrupt, claims North Korean media

Kim Jong-un

Friday, September 30, 2016

North Korea's state media service Rodong Sinmun has posted an editorial which claims the American electoral system is heavily corrupt and ridiculed the presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

The article, released a day after Clinton and Trump faced off in their first presidential debate, was entitled “a dirty fight among madmen blinded by the gold".

It described the scope of the alleged 'corruption' by suggesting the Republican and Democratic electoral machines focus on campaign rather than political insight.

The North Korean report was particularly critical of the Democratic party, claiming an event to gather major donors was part of an attempt to rip-off contributers, a plot allegedly exposed by 19,000 emails released by Wikileaks. 

The publication's views on North Korea's own electoral system, or lack of it, are unclear.