US travel ban extended to North Korea, Venezuela and Chad

North Korea, Venezuela, and Chad to be subject to new US travel restrictions

The order already met swift resistance from US courts

Monday, September 25, 2017

The Trump administration has extended its travel ban to include eight countries - and North Korea is on the updated list.

As key parts of Donald Trump's travel ban were close to expiring, officials have said they would be rolled into a new list of travel restrictions. 

The previous list, of six countries, has been whittled down to five with the removal of Sudan. However North Korea, Venezuela and Chad have been added.

Citizens from these three countries, as well as those from Libya, Iran, Somalia, Syria and Yemen, are now facing indefinite restrictions on their travel to the United States.  

Those who already have visas and US ties will be exempt from these restrictions when the revised list comes into effect on October 18. 

Donald Trump released a statement on Twitter - with a link to an official White House press release - saying no-one who could not be safely vetted would be granted US entry.

The order has still met swift resistance from US courts, which have issued injunctions about various aspects of the restrictions, despite the revisions made to the ban.