US writer provokes outrage with joke following Manchester Arena bombing

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

An American writer has sparked fury with a sick joke in the wake of the Manchester Arena bombing. 

David Leavitt, whose Twitter biography states he works freelance for companies like CBS and Yahoo, is based in Boston, Massachusetts. 

After fatalities in the incident were confirmed by Greater Manchester Police, he tweeted this: 

This provoked an immediate backlash from Twitter users - notably from Guardian Columnist Owen Jones and Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan, who included expletives in their tweets directed to Leavitt. 

Morgan wrote "F**k off @David_Leavitt, you despicable, heartless scumbag."

Leavitt later apologised, saying he didn't realise the maginitude of the incident and how he always makes "stupid jokes about whatever's trending."

But Twitter's still furious - see their reaction below: