Utah repeals law which banned homosexuality discussion in schools

Utah repeals law which prohibited homosexuality discussions in schools

The law prohibited advocacy of homosexuality in schools (Stock image)

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Utah has repealed its hugely controversial 'no promo homo' law, which banned any promotion of homosexuality in schools.

The state law provision originally prohibited “advocacy of homosexuality” in schools, however was not clear about exactly what this involved.

This led to many schools completely banning all LGBT discussions. Human Rights Watch also reported that some school staff would allow situations of bullying, although this claim has not been officially corroborated.

The human rights group also added that students were unable to form LGBT groups as a result of the law.

Campaign group Equality Utah brought a lawsuit last year against the state board of education and individual school districts, claiming the law, known colloquially as 'no promo homo', was restricting free speech and was discriminatory.

Utah’s House voted in favour to repeal the law 68-1 and the Senate also voted in favour 27-1.

Governor Gary Herbert then officially revised the state law provision on Monday (March 20). However Utah's current legal system still promotes sex education classes teaching abstinence outside of marriage.