Vandals deface university sign with ‘snowflakes’

Vandals deface university sign with ‘snowflakes’

The University of Bath has had its sign defaced, with vandals writing 'snowflakes'

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

University officials have condemned vandals after the word “snowflakes” was spray-painted in large letters across the front entrance of the University of Bath.

The term “snowflakes” – which is sometimes used negatively towards young people to suggest that they get easily offended – was written outside the university’s campus in Claverton Down, just outside the city of Bath.  

The president of the Students’ Union reacted to the vandalism on Monday saying she was “sick of the prejudice that young people…get across the country”.

Eve Alcock added: “This rhetoric deliberately serves to delegitimise and silence the voices of young people across the country.

“A generation who are statistically more diverse, more tolerant and more open than any generation before us.

“Ironically, people who get uppity about the 'snowflake generation' tend to be those who do not like their long-held conservative views to be challenged.

“I’ve seen people come for students and young people on both a local and national level.

“The message of this graffiti is specific and targeted, but if they perpetrator thinks some red graffiti is going to stop students in Bath – and across the UK – raising their voices and working to create a more open and tolerant society then they can think again.

“Frankly it is hilarious that someone is so offended by a generation that they feel the need to commit a criminal offence to make a point.”

A University of Bath spokesman said: “We’re disappointed with this act of vandalism and the graffiti is being removed.

“We are enormously proud of our student community, and the fact so many are engaged with debate and make their voice heard.

“And we are thankful to live in a time when it is ‘okay not to be okay’ and to ask for help when you need it.

“Our university’s commitment to supporting our vibrant and inclusive community is here to stay.”

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