The Venezuela speeches Jeremy Corbyn wants you to forget

Friday, May 19, 2017

Amid all the hullaballoo about the election, the NHS and Theresa May's foibles, Jeremy Corbyn has gone awfully quiet on one particular subject of late.

The Labour leader has said nothing about the unfolding crisis in Venezuela, which has seen troops deployed by embattled leader Nicolas Maduro to quell the growing unrest.

Corbyn's reticence might strike some as surprising, as he's previously been one of Britain's most vocal advocates of Venezuela and its socialist government. 

Given the chaos that has engulfed the country, one might expect Corbyn to stand up for Venezuela in its hour of need. But he has stayed silent, and it is claimed he's also deleted several previous articles about Venezuela since becoming Labour leader in 2015.

But don't worry, we've scoured the web to find a selection of comments made by the Labour leader on the subject of Venezuela. Given the country's downturn, they may prove rather embarrassing for the Corbynistas.

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