Viagogo 'one of the worst offenders' in online ticket touting

Viagogo has been criticised for allegedly breaching consumer law.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

MPs have warned music fans to avoid ticket resale site Viagogo over allegations it is breaching consumer law.

The Digital, Media and Sport Select Committee said the site mislead customers by selling invalid tickets and stinging consumers with hidden costs.

Committee chairman Damian Collins told talkRADIO’s Matthew Wright that Viagogo had been singled out as “one of the worst offenders”.


Mr Collins said:  “We have not said there is a problem with the secondary ticket market but we think it is much better for the people to do that through the original venue or other sites with better policies.

“The big thing is it is all well for Viagogo’s owners to say only a small number of people are affected but if you have spent a hundred pounds only to have the ticket cancelled that is a massive thing for the individual consumer.

“If they continue to flout the law there should be measures to stop them.”


'Life gets in the way sometimes'



Mr Collins added the issue was not with indvidual fans selling unwanted tickets, but with professional touts using sites like Viagogo to sell large numbers. 

Musicians such as Ed Sheeran and The Vamps' James McVey have also condemend the wholesale reselling of tickets online. 

Mr McVey told talkRADIO’s James Max: “Because venues are now clamping down on identification checks, that’s a massive issue for me because I don’t want fans coming to our gigs and then not getting in.

"I don't have an issue with people selling on tickets because life gets in the way sometimes. But there's an issue when someone will literally buy 10,000 tickets and re-sell them."

A spokesperson for Viagogo said: “We are disappointed that the DCMS have singled us out particularly, when hundreds of thousands of British citizens use our service to buy and sell tickets to their favorite live events every day and never experience any problems. 

"We provide an invaluable service to UK consumers by giving them access to events in the UK and all over the world.  For those transactions that fall into the 1% annually where customers do have an issue, the overwhelming majority of cases are due to the unfair and potentially illegal restrictions the event organizers pose simply because customers have chosen to purchase tickets from a competitor of theirs. 

"We have been complying and will absolutely continue to work constructively with the CMA to make further amends where necessary, all the while putting all of the buyers and sellers who use the platform first.”