'The video that's been seen is heavily doctored', says kickboxer after Big Brother expulsion

'The video that's been seen is heavily doctored', says Andrew Tate as he is removed from Big Brother

Nobody who saw the whole film would be offended, claims Andrew Tate

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Big Brother contestant Andrew Tate has claimed that his removal from Big Brother is unfair, and that the video of him supposedly beating his ex-girlfriend has been "heavily doctored".

Tate posted a series of pictures on Twitter alongside his ex to defend his actions. Many viewers have also tweeted in support of the kickboxer.

"The video that's been seen is heavily doctored, and I think if the entire video was seen it wouldn't be shocking to anyone whatsoever," he told Paul Ross.

"It initially started with my ex-girlfriend with a felt belt, that goes around a dressing gown, hitting me with it while I'm trying to use a computer, before I take it off her and hit her back.

"When the whole exchange finishes she goes ‘it just makes noise, it doesn't hurt', while she's laughing.

"What they've done is cut off the beginning and end where she was hitting me, and although you can hear her laugh at the beginning, they seem to have muted the video half way through."

Tate also is not sure who leaked the footage.

"There must be someone else involved, and even I don't know who it is. I genuinely cannot think who would have had access to this video. When I contacted my ex she was like ‘that’s ridiculous'.

"I have to feel that my predicament is a little bit unfair, especially considering that Natalie is a dominatrix and probably does far worse as a profession."