VIDEO: Turtle who swallowed 5kg of tourists' coins dies

Turtle who swallowed 5kg of tourists' coins dies

A turtle has died after swallowing coins (Stock image)

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

A turtle has died after it ate 5 kilograms of coins that had been thrown into its pond by tourists.

Two weeks ago the animal named Omsin had an operation to remove 915 coins from its stomach, but then its intestines became tangled due to the cavity left by the coins.

However Omsin died today (March 21) due to the problems caused by the coins, according to ABC.

The coins eaten by the turtle at a park in Bangkok included both local and foreign currency, it is reported.

Vets attributed the death to the accumulation of gas created by the intestinal blockage. 

Originally the veterinary team had hoped to return the turtle a turtle rehab centre in Sattahip, around 100 kilometres east of Bangkok.

In a press conference vet Nantarika Chansue said before he died "Omsin was swimming and had eaten again."

Watch a video of the operation here