Vigilante farmer praised for catching paedophile and helping bring him to justice

Louis Murray pleaded guilty to two rapes as well as other sexual offences

Louis Murray pleaded guilty to two rapes as well as other sexual offences

Thursday, January 18, 2018

A heroic farmer in Northumberland has been praised for stopping a paedophile during an act of abuse and helping police find him.

George Common was driving down a country lane in Belsay when he saw Louis Murray's car parked in a layby, with the windows steamed up.

He parked up, initially thinking that the driver of the car was attempting suicide. But when he went to investigate, he found a naked boy in the passenger seat. 

Common tried to pull the boy out of the car but Murray sped away, and even crashed into the farmer's Land Rover as he tried to flee.

The farmer's act of heroism proved crucial, however, as police traced Murray through his car and arrested him.

Murray, a trampoline coach, has now been jailed for 10 years, having pleaded guilty of two rapes as well as other sexual offences. A court heard that the victim found by Common had been groomed from the age of 12.

The victim found by Common said in a statement: “I didn’t know how to tell him [Murray] to stop hurting me.

“I didn’t want him to touch me but I didn’t want him to get angry so I felt I had to let him.”

For his bravery, Common received a commendation from the judge and was given £400 from the public purse as a reward for his intervention.

Judge Edward Bindloss said that Common showed "resourcefulness, bravery and a public-spirited attitude," while prosecution lawyer Anne Richardson said he farmer "tenaciously sought to rescue that child."