Vince Cable: ‘I don’t want some self-indulgent leadership contest’

Vince Cable: ‘I don’t want some self-indulgent leadership contest’

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Liberal Democrats leader Vince Cable has denied that he will be stepping down as leader because he does not want his party “to get into some self-indulgent leadership contest”.

Mr Cable told talkRADIO’s James Whale: “I am not stepping down as leader of the Liberal Democrats.

“There is a whole lot of very important things to do - we have got the Brexit argument and vote, we may well have an early General Election.

“All these things I am fighting and I don’t want my party to get into some self-indulgent leadership contest.

“I will be announcing on Friday some reforms to the party including how I intend to develop my own career but I am not stepping down, I’ll be here for a very long time.”

Mr Cable declined to expand on what developing his own career would entail.


‘All party leaders have critics'

The Liberal Democrats leader is set to make a speech on Friday, a week before party members gather in Brighton for their annual conference.

James Whale asked Mr Cable about those in the Liberal Democrats that would like him to step down, to his reply: “Well, introduce me to them.”

“All party leaders have critics and opponents but I am not aware of significant body of opinion along those lines.”

Mr Cable told BBC Radio 4 Today that the idea of the next Liberal Democrats leader not being an MP was being considered.

He said: “That’s one of the options that is being coached. There are attractions and there are problems with it.

“I think the principle of widening out political parties, attracting in new talent is a good one. We have to think through the technicalities of it.

“I think that we are thinking further ahead, you know, 10 years, the political system may well be evolving.

“But, I think the principle of openness, of looking out, wider recruitment, is an attractive one. That’s one of several ideas that’s being booted around and I’ll be talking about it next week.”