Vince Cable says Brexit is a 'slow-motion car crash'

Customs Union: 'If I were a business I'd be very worried about Brexit', says Vince Cable

Vince Cable says there's complete division in the Tory Party

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable has told talkRADIO that Brexit is shaping up to be a "car crash in slow motion."

Speaking to Sam Delaney on Drive, Cable also said the idea of a 'temporary customs union' after Brexit is very "airy fairy" and British businesses should be worried, according to Liberal Democrats leader Vince Cable.

The Government is proposing that a temporary customs union be set up when the UK leaves the EU to avoid a Brexit 'cliff edge' for businesses.

Cable said that British manufacturers "depend on being able to send their components backwards and forwards without checking, without tariffs being paid.

"That has to be preserved. otherwise great damage will be done to the Great British economy.

"This [Brexit] is coming down the track very quickly and if I were a business [using the Customs Union] I’d be very worried. Hopefully common sense would prevail and you’ll get some smooth arrangement negotiated."

Cable, a minister in David Cameron's coalition, said that if he was in Government today he'd say "look, this is now emerging as a serious car crash, probably a car crash in slow motion" and he is calling for another referendum after the details of the negotiation are complete.

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