Vince Cable tells James Whale it was 'the wrong call' to miss Brexit vote

Friday, July 20, 2018

Sir Vince Cable has said it was the “wrong call” to miss voting on Theresa May’s Brexit White Paper in parliament on Monday.

The Liberal Democrat leader, along with fellow MP Tim Farron, were criticised for not showing up to vote on the Prime Minister's new Brexit plan after it was passed with just a majority of three.

Cable joined James Whale on talkRADIO to give his reasoning’s as to why he didn’t make it into parliament to vote, with the White Paper being tabled with hardline Brexiteer amendments. He said: “Well, there are dozens of votes, there’s an enormous mountain being made out of a mole hill out of this.

I, like everyone else in my position, have dozen of things happening at the same time… I had a confidential political meeting.

“The whips made the judgement that it wasn’t going to be a close vote on this occasion, so I was somewhere else, it was unfortunate and it was the wrong call.”

Chief whip Alistair Carmichael said he had expected the vote to be "lost by hundreds", so advised that Mr Cable, as well as Mr Farron, were not needed in Parliament on this occasion.

“It didn’t actually make any difference, the real difference was made by the fact that a substantial number of Labour people voted with the government or abstained, but as I say it was an unfortunate mistake and we’re not going to repeat it.”

General Election

James Whale asked Sir Vince Cable about his view on a General Election, and whether the deep Conservative Party divisions could lead to a Jeremy Corbyn lead government.

“I think it’s very unlikely, but it is possible - it’s theoretically possible of course - if there’s an election he could win,” he said.

“The Conservatives are using that as a scare tactic to keep their own people in line."

The Lib Dem leader also believes that an election “won’t solve any problems” and that it won’t “sort out this Brexit mess.”

“As for a general election, I don’t think there is an appetite for one frankly.

“The Labour party want one because they think they can do well, but apart from that, I think the public have had a few elections recently.

“it won’t solve any problems because the Labour party is divided at the moment, and we will just remain pretty much where we are, but having voted on things that aren’t connected with Brexit - it doesn’t sort out this Brexit mess at all.”