Vince Cable tells Mike Graham that Sajid Javid has got the jihadi Beatles case ‘wrong’

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

The Liberal Democrat leader has accused the Home Secretary of getting it “wrong” over the two captured Britain’s accused of being members of the Islamic State.

It was reported on Monday that Sajid Javid said the UK would not demand a death penalty assurance in this particular case.

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Alexanda Kotey and El Shafee Elsheikh are said to have been members of the brutal four-man Beatles cell of IS executioners in Syria and Iraq, responsible for killing a series of high-profile Western captives.

Sir Vince Cable joined Mike Graham on talkRADIO to discuss the use of the death penalty, which he says “an overwhelming majority of MPs” would support getting assurances on the death pentalty. “When it was discussed in parliament yesterday, there’s clearly an overwhelming majority of MPs of all parties, that the government has a very clear, legal and moral obligation,” he said.

“It set it out very clearly in the past, that it shouldn’t facilitate the transfer of people to put them in the way of the death penalty without seeking proper assurances.

“We have the death penalty abolished in this country, but we’re very clear on how it should apply overseas where we have a role in it, and I think it was very clear that the home secretary has got this wrong.”

Cable then suggested that somebody in government has let this case go to the US in order for the Americans to “do our dirty work.”

“If these people have done what it is said they’ve done, they’re pretty loathsome individuals, and maybe somebody thought, well we will let the American’s do our dirty work for us.”

The Americans want to try the suspect for the murder of an American citizen, but Cable has suggested that a life imprisonment sentence is much more “appropriate.”

“It was very striking that yesterday that a mother of one of the victims was on the radio making it very clear that this is not the way she wanted the matter dealt with,” he said.

“She wanted these people brought to justice, but executing them would make martyrs of them, and actually a prolonged period of life imprisonment would be a more appropriate sentence for them.”